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Benefit Auction Items

Benefit auction items and ideasThe following benefit auction items are “general” ideas and not all will work for your unique auction scenario.

Please contact one of our benefit auction specialists for more details on how your fund raising auction can be a success.

  • Dinner prepared by a private chef for “x” number of people in your home
  • Tickets to a local or national sporting event
  • Team or player/coach signed footballs or jerseys
  • Signed professional sports items (soccer balls, hockey pucks/sticks, etc.)
  • Artwork (original or limited editions from well known artist)
  • Beach home getaway
  • Best seats at graduation (or any other special school event)
  • Night at the ballgame (including dinner, parking, signed game ball, etc.)
  • Parking for a year (great for school auctions!)
  • Chauffeured romantic evening (dinner, play, luxury hotel, breakfast)
  • Dessert a month for a year (dinners, flowers, chocolate, etc.)
  • Custom built playhouse (gazebo, dog house, arbors, etc.)
  • Class projects (make sure each student signs or identifies in some way)
  • Dinner with a celebrity (local or national)
  • Framed and signed movie posters
  • Fishing or hunting trips
  • Vacation and travel packages (time shares, flights, etc.)
  • Girl’s day out (package including lunch, shopping, massage, hair care, etc.)
  • Handmade quilt
  • Car lease (could be for the weekend, month or year)
  • Guided tours (company, sports team complex, brewery, movie sets, etc.)
  • Harley Davidson motorcycle or apparel
  • Aerial sightseeing (plane, helicopter, balloon, etc.)
  • Lessons (imagine all the possibilities!  Skydiving, piano, martial arts, etc.)
  • Mystery dinner
  • Name the facility (street, room, etc.)
  • Buy a tile, brick or plaque
  • Principal for the day
  • Lunch with a favorite teacher
  • Student hot lunch for a year
  • Party at the fire station
  • School tuition for a year
  • VIP table for next year’s auction!
  • Puppies
  • Bicycles
  • Jewelry
  • Persian rugs
  • Tool sets
  • Carved pieces from an old building to be added to a new construction project
  • YMCA family membership for one year includes exercise gear, gym bag, jump rope, etc.
  • Golf clubs and bag with round of golf for 4 players
  • Restaurant gift certificates
  • Tour and stay at a vineyard plus wine tasting, etc.
  • Ride on a float in a local parade
  • 10 day African safari
  • Shark diving adventure
  • Customized gift baskets
  • World Poker Tour tickets for taping of shows
  • Gourmet dinner from a well known restaurant at home
  • A driving lesson in a race car (NASCAR)
  • A day in your favorite city (spa, lunch, show/movie, wine tasting…dinner and dessert plus limousine)
  • Great concert tickets.
  • Queen for a year (house cleaning, dry cleaning, gardening, spa, dessert, manicures, etc.)
  • Helicopter ride with the local police department
  • Carwash by the local politician
  • BBQ for 30 of your friends by the sports team and coaches
  • US flag flown over the White House, Congress, State legislature…Signed?
  • Free fancy loaner car for the weekend.
  • Tour and stay at a vineyard…plus wine tasting etc.
  • Ride on a float in a parade.
  • Photo session for the family
  • Teeth whitening or other cosmetic surgery
  • Gym membership for a year
  • Oil change for a year
  • Car detailing for a year
  • Backstage concert passes with concert tickets
  • A day or lunch or dinner with the local or national celebrity athletes

Please feel free to contact Michael Hoffman & Associates today at (614) 314-0928 to discuss your specific needs, or with any questions you might have.

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